Self-Lovin Sistas

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This product will be on pre-order for a limited-time. If you are struggling with self-love and want to heal past wounds, then I HIGHLY suggest you take advantage of this exclusive offer to get “Self-Lovin Sistas” HALF OFF!! Once you make your purchase, you will immediately receive access to the private group & my “31 days Back To Me” journal prompts.

⚠️ Disclaimer: The course IS NOT out yet, I want to get feedback on it while I’m creating it so I can include some of your biggest concerns & struggles. What this means is, you will become a contributor and “personalize” my course to your needs! ⚠️

What My Self-Love Course Is Offering & Much More:

>> Stop Your Negative & Self-Critical Thoughts (Self-inflicted abuse)

>> Discover Yourself (You can’t love yourself if you don’t even know who you are)

>> Get Unstuck (Remove yourself from a situation or relationship that’s no longer serving you)

>> Know That You Deserve Self-Love (Self-love is a birthright + girl you more than deserve it)

>> Stop Comparing Yourself (Ain”t nobody like you, my love)

>> Feel Whole, Confident, Beautiful & Worthy (Self-worth & Body Love)

>> Unlock Your MAGIC + Ultimate Bad Gal Energy

>> Stop Disrespecting & Devaluing Yourself



Ready To Start Your Beautiful Journey To Personal Growth & Self-Love?

Do you struggle with self-love or self-worth and find yourself asking “who am I?”? Do you feel lost and want to heal from past hurt? If so, you forgot who you are & that’s okay. It’s okay because your fairy god-mother is here and I will make it my mission to aid you in discovering yourself, loving yourself, and making sure you NEVER lose her again! You forgot how amazing you are, how gorgeous you are, and how accomplished you truly are.  I spent years feeling like this “self-love” thing didn’t really exist. I walked my truth & did my work ALONE with no tools or any real help. I realize now that I had to go through that so I could prevent other Black women from doing it alone or worse, giving up. With all that being said, I would feel honoured to join you on your self-love journey.


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